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The iPlate™

'Where there is a need, there is opportunity'

Investment Opportunity

Vaccines, Medicine, and Health Care issues have been at the forefront of everyone's mind in the world since the beginning of 2020 with the discovery of the Coronavirus. We are now dealing with considerably more contagious variants that will continue to adapt and mutate, placing an even higher demand on vaccine development.

The industry is in desperate need of laboratory efficiency, lab automation, and is making sizable investments in life science initiatives for rapid drug discovery.  The desire for screening technologies with reduced cost and turnaround time is absolute.

With many advances in the Health Care and Life Sciences industry, there is one area where there has been no advances at all...

That is in the area of Blood Testing

Introducing the iFluidics iPlate
Advantages of using the iFluidics iPlate
iFluidics iPlate top view
Cost Saving using the iPlate™
Cost and Time savings using the iPlate vs. a Conventional plate.
Case Study
Typical Blood Bank • 130,000 tests per year
Blood bank case study showing savings using the iplate.

Our Primary Market is Microplates

Worldwide, labs consume over 200 million microplates annually.

Our initial Market Strategy is to capture 2% of the Market.

This would generate a Return on Investment of 10X

The long term expectation is to get a much higher return

Revenue Projections

iFluidics Growth Strategy

iFluidics growth strategy
  • What is the iFluidics iPlate™?
    The iFluidics iPlate™ takes the conventional microplate used in laboratories around the world and incorporates a circuit board in the bottom of the plate. In conjuction with the iFlluidics patented software, the iPlate™ can reduced the amount of time, blood and reagents resulting in substantial costs per test.
  • What makes the iPlate™ different from Conventional Microplates?
    Conventional Microplates Current blood testing uses a conventional microplate with 96 individual wells. A few drops of blood go into each well, followed by expensive reagents that are mixed with the blood. After the reagents are added to the blood, the mixture sits and the lab waits anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours for the reaction to occur. iFluidics iPlate™ iFluidics iPlate™ takes the conventional plate and incorporates a circuit board in the bottom of the plate. The iPlate™ circuit board is energized resulting in a more thourough mixing of the reagents and blood through the electromixing in each well.
  • What are the cost savings for the iPlate™ vs a Conventional Microplate?
    The Benefits of using the iFluidics iPlate™ Platform are: 75-90% less Blood needed 75-90% less Reagents needed 55-70% less Processing time needed 55-70% less Cost per Test For more details on the cost savings, visit our Investment Portal.
  • Where can the iFluidics iPlate™ platform be used?
    Currently the iFluidics iPlate™ platform can be used in Research Labs Life Science Companies Big Pharma Our goal is to get FDA approval by 2022, which will open markets in the Medical and Blood testing fields.
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