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Misson Statement

iFluidics’ mission is to improve healthcare quality by providing BAT platforms that increase the quality and speed of scientific discovery, biotech development, and biomedical testing.  The programmable, high-performance, ultra-low-volume BAT iPlate Platforms is developed based on patented microfluidic technologies that overcome major technical bottlenecks for both low-volume and HTS assays: sensitivity, long incubation times, and high cost-per-well operations while maintaining compatibility with the expensive and already installed cleaning, dispensing, handling, and interpretation equipment and established laboratory processes. 

These bottlenecks are clearly defined and acknowledged by a wide variety of industry professionals but, to date, there have been no technological advances to offset them. The convergence of iFluidics’ technical, time-saving, and automation advantages will result in significantly increased test efficacy and reduced cost-per-well for customers.  

iFluidics’ product launch will fill a recognized need in steadily growing markets with the potential for a minimum of hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales.  Each of our products will be priced according to a user cost-per-well model that takes into account the use of all relevant resources.  Subsequent product offerings will allow vertical and horizontal market diversification with potential annual growth of at least 25 percent year over year for the foreseeable future.

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