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Integrated Fluidics Inc., a spin-out from the University of California, Santa Barbara, has developed an electro-kinetic bioassay platform that dramatically improves the performance and cost of time-critical life science research and diagnostic tests.

Revolutionary Technology

The iFluidics platform is centered around the revolutionary technology of the iPlate™ Platform and its proprietary software.  This technology is compatible with the standard equipment presently being used in labs worldwide.

No other competitor has this ability.

The iPlate™

The iFluidics iPlate™ takes the conventional plate and incorporates a circuit board in the bottom of the plate.  When the iPlate™ is energized, the electro-kinetic mixing improves processing time up to 70% over conventional plates.  In addition to the savings in time, the iFluidics iPlate™ will reduce the amount of blood and reagents per test up to 90%.


Cost per test can be reduced up to 70% 

The Difference

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